Granum Old Jail & Museum

Visit our Museum.   Glimpse and small part of the community's history.

The Granum and District Historical Board is responsible for historical research, historical education, and the management, restoration and display of historical artifacts. The Granum Historical Board is a non-profit organization whose volunteer members are responsible for the management of the Granum Old Jail and Museum, and the Granum Remembrance Day Memorial Service, which is held every year on Nov. 11. The Board is also responsible for the management of the Veterans’ Memorial Park, which displays our Veterans’ Memorial Walls/Plaques and our Memorial itself which is a recognized as a “Registered Canadian War Memorial” by the Canadian federal government.

The Granum Historical Board was founded in 2007 as a Town of Granum Committee and operated under a Town Council Bylaw.  It is currently in the process of creating a society.

The Granum Old Jail and Museum is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (1:00 PM to 3:00 PM) from the long weekend in May until the September long weekend. We are also willing to open our Museum upon special request for visitors who are unable to visit during regular hours. Admission is free.

Take a tour of our Museum.